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Audit Process

Desk Review Audits

Registered golf facilities must submit an annual desk review for audit to ensure conformance with the requirements of the accreditation program. All materials required for the desk review must be uploaded to the IPM Council Canada website for confidential downloading by the assigned auditor.

Submission of the annual desk review material is the responsibility of the registered golf facility. The golf facility must ensure that their designated IPM agent has completed and electronically signed all desk review forms as well as the the desk review audit checklist. Additionally, the Annual Report- Class 9 Pest Control Product Usage must be signed by BOTH the IPM Agent and the owner/owner’s representative.

On-Site Audits

Golf facilities that have successfully completed the desk review audit must submit to an on-site audit at least once every three years. The on-site audit may occur at any time of the year. It is designed to verify information submitted on annual desk reviews. You will be contacted by an auditor to schedule the on-site audit at a mutually convenient time.

Reviewed 10/13/2023