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Study Materials

Recommended Study Materials

Applicants are responsible for obtaining their own study material. The IPM Council of Canada recommends that all applicants review the following materials:


Turfgrass Management Examination


Public Works Examination

  • Public Works IPMAP Policies and Procedures

  • Ontario Regulation 63/09 made under the Pesicides Act

  • Industry Standards and Good Practices for Vegetation Management - Industrial Vegetation Management Association of Alberta- 5th Edition, March 2008. Chapters 1 and 3.  Request a copy from the Ontario Vegetation Management Association online or by calling 705-770-1096

  • Industrial Vegetation Module - Ontario Pesticide Training and Certification, Ontario Ministry of the Environment, 2009, Sections 2,3,5, Appendix B.  To order, call OPTC Ridgetown Campus at 1-888-620-9999 or send an IVM order form by mail or fax to OPTC Ridgetown Campus

  • A study guide is available to help with exam preparation

Reviewed 02/22/2022